Building A Compassionate Heart, Body, and Mind

It’s so easy in society today to feel that humans are by nature selfish creatures.  And to some extent it’s true, some humans are selfish creatures but I refuse to believe this is how nature intended us to be and I am not alone in that thought.  Decades of research from psychologists at Princeton University,… Continue reading Building A Compassionate Heart, Body, and Mind

Serve Where You Are

When you write a service blog you spend a lot of time researching how others serve.  There are tons and tons of amazing stories of people moving to other countries, starting a charity for kids, or living in the projects to help kids that are less fortunate.  Compared to these stories I often find myself… Continue reading Serve Where You Are

The Power of Pause

Have you ever been told the secret to being a good servant leader, a good wife, a good friend, is to listen to what your people are saying? Seems easy enough…until you think you’ve been listening and then, as the conversation goes on, you figure out ha, no…I’m way off in understanding what was said. … Continue reading The Power of Pause

Fulfilling my purpose; Honoring my personality

In my blog post earlier this week I discussed my introvert tendencies and how, when I balance my needs and wants, I can be true to both my purpose and my personality.  There are many ways introvert personalities contribute unique value to the service of others. Here’s how I use my introvert personality to serve… Continue reading Fulfilling my purpose; Honoring my personality

5 Ways to Create a Spirit of Service

It took me many years to recognize and accept my purpose and consequently develop a love for service.  It’s not like I woke up one morning, had a lightbulb moment and went huh, I think I’m supposed to immerse myself in serving others.  In fact, it happened just like you would learn to ride a… Continue reading 5 Ways to Create a Spirit of Service