Food For Thought, And Service

lake-tahoeLast weekend I was able to spend one of the best weekends vacationing with my family enjoying all that South Lake Tahoe, CA has to offer.  All together there were nine of us sharing a house which meant quite a bit of food to prep and cook on a daily basis.  One of the many ways I love to serve others is to cook for them.

Each morning I would be the first in the kitchen cooking food for my family.  And each night I would finish off the day cooking dinner.  About halfway through our stay my Mom offered to take over cooking for me and I declined because it’s something I love to do.  She said, “I can tell that it makes you happy because you sing when you cook!”

Wow!  What a revelation!  I didn’t even realize that I was singing and humming while I was cooking.  What better way, than by physical manifestation, to gauge which tasks make you truly happy?  What does the physical manifestation of happiness look like for you?  How can others tell when you’re doing something you absolutely love?  What about your family, coworkers, and friends?  Can you tell when they are doing something they truly enjoy?

Figure out whatever your happy is and make sure to include it in your life as often as possible!

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